The world needs your voice.

How will

you use it?

Nobody is born knowing how to “pitch.” It takes courage, and a little know-how to ask for a gift, a raise, or even a lunch appointment. Especially for introverts, quiet contributors, and nontraditional learners, it’s important to develop your communication toolbox.

As a rhetoric and writing scholar turned chief development officer, I work with people to achieve their professional dreams by harnessing the power of persuasive communication.

Pitch-making is both art and science. We’ll use your personal strengths to develop your potential. You’ll discover my three-step process for successful “schmoozing.” You’ll apply the elements of persuasive conversations. If you’re looking for career growth, I will polish your NGO resume and fine-tune your interview skills.

I work with everyone: professional fundraisers, board members, CEOs, and career-changers. If you wonder if you have “what it takes” to succeed in the nonprofit sector–the answer is yes!

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