Fundraising is the

spark that powers

social movements.

The good news: anyone can learn to raise funds.

Half of nonprofit revenue comes from philanthropy, grants, and contracts. Success in raising money comes from a perseverance mindset–not “charm,” “confidence,” spreadsheets, or the latest analytics. Together, we’ll affirm your values and relate them to your fundraising practice. When you clarify what matters, your pitch will stem from your fundamental beliefs.

Fundraising is both art and science. We’ll use your personal strengths to develop your fundraising potential. If you’re looking for growth, I will polish your fundraising resume and fine-tune your interview skills.

I work with everyone: professional fundraisers to board members, CEOs, and volunteers. I especially love working with introverts and quiet contributors who wonder if they have “what it takes”–the answer is yes!

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Fundraising requires thoughtful planning. The good news: it’s a win-win activity. Photo: Andy Cossins.